Find My Super

The new functional website helped FindMySuper take the first step towards a strong online presence.


Find My Super (FMS) holds the distinction of being the first web-based organisation that helps Australians locate and consolidate their superannuation accounts into one low-cost superannuation fund. Sorting out your Super was never this easy.

Although the organisation was providing a revolutionary service, it lacked the strong online presence that would do justice to the offering. Their marketing was limited to offline methods and the online strategy required a complete turnaround.


The team behind Find My Super approached solomoIT following a Google search for digital marketing service providers in Sydney.

solomoIT was required to completely revamp the FMS website and ensure adaptability for mobile devices as well. The brief included the following:

1. Build a fresh website from scratch

2. User-friendly interface that’s professional, interactive and informative;

3. Data collection and calculations to be integrated into the website;

4. Focus on branding, colour scheme and design;

5. Emphasise the core service offered by FMS;

6. Ethical SEOto improve search engine rankings;

7. Consult the team on measuring keyword positions and traffic conversions on a daily basis;

8. Mobile website to cater to ‘on-the-move’ clients


The solomoIT team implemented the following processes to fulfil the requirements set forth in the brief:

1. Digital Marketing strategy – tailored to leverage on localised web services and mobile devices

2. Building the website using the latest design and development technologies for complete user-experience - PHP, MySQL, HTML 5 and CSS 3

3. Incorporate a comprehensive data management system that allows to collect user information and do the necessary calculations to perfection

4. Provide digital marketing related training and consultancy (on-going basis)


The new website helped FMS take the first steps towards a strong online presence. The functional website provided clients and prospective clients a completely satisfying user-experience.

The functional mobile website allows for seamless browsing of the FMS site as well as obtaining relevant information while the client is on the move.