NCP Plumbing

First page rankings on Google for targeted keywords within 3 months.


NCP Plumbing is a privately owned and operated business in Sydney, Australia since 2008, specialised in providing solar, electric, gas water heater repair and installation, toilet repairs, fixing blocked drains, general plumbing and maintenance work.

Despitetheir fast, reliable and cost-effective service, NCP did not have a well- defined marketing strategy in place and relied solely on word-of-mouth to get more business.

As competition got aggressive, NCP Plumbing began tohave difficulty in reaching their target market, getting more leads, and responding to customer requests in a timely fashion.

NCP Plumbing realisedthe need to position their brand online and to effectively market their services to their ideal clients.

Aware of the importance of Digital Marketing for Small Business owners,NCP Plumbing realised the need to position their brand online and to effectively market their services to their ideal clients.


In 2015, NCP approached solomoIT and was amazed with the breadth of the digital marketing solutions for small businesses we offered. After an initial discussion, NCP Plumbing decided that they needed help in the following areas based on their online branding and digital marketing objectives:

  • A website in-line with core business objectives.
  • A user friendly interface that is easily accessible through PC/Desktop/Laptop, Tablet, and Smartphone.
  • A website conversion strategy to turn site visitors into potential leads
  • Online brand positioning and increasing brand awareness among target market.
  • Social Media Marketing campaigns on most appropriate platforms relevant to business as well as target market.
  • First page Google search engine ranking to drive website traffic for their selected target locations.
  • Attractive marketing and informational content for blog site.

After analysing the core business objectives of NCP Plumbing, solomoIT developed the following strategy to enhance lead generation In-line with NCP Plumbing Online Branding and Digital Marketing goals:

Month 1:

Develop a customer-centric website in compliance with modern web-design standards as well as search engine requirements to ensure proper web structure and performance.

Develop a responsive website to help customers browse NCP Plumbing services through multiple browsers and multiple devices.

Impactful website content using target market focused keywords with attention grabbing imagery.

Month 2:

Regular updates to blog site to establish NCP Plumbing as the ultimate information hub and go-to plumbing resource for customers seeking answers.

Identify valuable business related keywords to ensure search engines are able to view the website content and show in search results.

Develop a social media marketing strategy including social media posting and running social media campaigns to generate targeted leads, effectively address customers’ queries and concerns, maintain, promote and strengthen brand image on a day to day basis.

Month 3:

Ensuring NCP Plumbing website is search engine optimised using best practices regarding digital marketing for small business owners.

Developing online marketing campaigns around business related keywords to direct organic, referral and paid traffic towards NCP Plumbing website.

Provide on-going website support and digital marketing solutions for small businesses.


solomoIT was able to provide a holistic social, local and mobile approach digitally transforming all aspects of NCP Plumbing’s lead generation strategy.

Running Digital Marketing for Small Business owners like NCP Plumbing resulted in a substantial increase in website traffic, customer inquiries and request for quotes on a daily basis, with an effective search engine optimisation strategy.

NCP Plumbing began to consistently rank on the first page of Google, for all targeted keywords.

Having a responsive website, in just 3 months, NCP Plumbing began to experience more mobile traffic and was able to position themselves better than several of their competitors in their target market.

NCP Plumbing was able to directly connect with their customers and address their questions and concerns more effectively than before, thanks to their robust social media marketing strategy.


For a long time we had been looking for someone we could rely and trust on. Someone who realized what’s involved in the plumbing industry and just promote our business. The best outcome we found from solomoIT is after the initial setting of the website and after starting to produce all the article was the initial increase in the number of phone calls which then initiated into actual jobs. We noticed a dramatic change after first 2 to 3 months in the jobs we were actually carrying out and the leads generated through this company – Nick – NCP Plumbing