solomoIT Academy

Ensure that the LinkedIn Training Academy website is accessible on any device, is user-friendly and gives a secure buying experience.


solomoIT expanded its social media services to incorporate high quality social media training. The result was solomoIT Academy, which is Asia Pacific’s distributor for Smarp’s online LinkedIn training videos.

In order to cater to the demand for quality online social media training, solomoIT Academy needed to establish a separate, clear online presence from that of the parent company. The Academy being a new entity required its online presence to be built from scratch in order to establish a strong brand presence that will generate sales.


The solomoIT team was required to design and develop a complete website solution, complete with social media support to fulfil the following requirements.

1. User-friendly interface that adapts to computers and mobile devices;

2. Website with clear call to action, focusing on core services;

3. E-commerce functionality to facilitate secure online purchases

4. Complete ‘easy-to-use’ content management system (CMS) to allow for the marketing team to amend and update content as and when required

5. Ethical SEO tactics for improved search engine rankings

6. Informative content that highlights the benefits of the online LinkedIn training videos

7. Measure the keyword positions and traffic conversions on a daily basis;

8. Social media integration to support inbound traffic flow and community management


We implemented the following set of processes to ensure solomoIT Academy’s online training videos are marketed effectively online via social media channels, e-commerce website and fully optimised mobile presence.

1. Digital Marketing strategy – customised to achieve objectives mentioned in the brief

2. Building fluid responsive website that can adapt to PC screens, Tablets/iPads and smart-phones

3. Integrate HTML5, CSS3 and PHP 5.3 to provide a smooth, friend user experience

4. Worpress CMS to allow the marketing team to modify and amend content as and when required, without affecting the functionality of the website

5. Design and develop key Social Media profiles, which are consistent with visual branding and services, offering key messages

6. Integrate social media marketing for inbound (conversion) and outbound (referrals) traffic flow

7. Implement traffic measurement and conversion matrix, optimised for search engines ensuring compliance criteria are met

8. Ongoing search engine optimisation and social media management for greater brand awareness, community engagement and conversions

9. Wordpress blog for the marketing team to update audiences on the latest news in the industry


A fully integrated digital marketing solution, incorporating social, local and mobile dimensions was implemented, setting the stage for solomoIT Academy to be found easily on search engines. The responsive website ensures the Academy is accessible on any device be it, PC or smart-phone. This allows users to access the Academy website while on the move. The user-friendly website provides customers a secure buying experience for the online LinkedIn training videos, guiding them through the entire process.