How Social Media Integration Improves Your Mobile App


Social media has become a staple of the modern marketing plan. It’s a platform for interacting with your consumer, raising brand awareness, and promoting your products- including your mobile application. This an audience primed for a mobile experience– they are likely viewing your messages on a smartphone anyway!

But if your app’s relationship with social media ends there you’re missing out on some massive opportunities. So why is using social media integration within your app’s interface beneficial?  It makes EVERYTHING easier for your consumers (and for you!). Here is how social media integration improves your mobile app:

1. Easier Log-In

Take a moment and think about how many log-in/password combinations you have. Too many to count right? Instead of asking your users to make yet another account to remember, you can utilize Social login API. You can give them a choice of networks based on what makes sense for your consumer. For example, Twitter and Facebook are probably a given – but what about specific options for your audience? For example, you could include LinkedIn or Pinterest if your demographics overlap with either.

2. Easier Activity Reporting

You are probably already familiar with people sharing app activity to their Twitter/Facebook timelines. And if you can convince them to do that – great! You are getting promotion to their personal networks. But some users might find this intrusive. A more subtle way to go about this is via the Facebook Activity Feed. This is the little box on the right-hand side called “The ticker” that shows what your friends have been up, both on the site, AND with integrated applications, without asking them to clog up their feeds.

3. Easier Inviting

If your app has any social component to it, you will be glad you integrated social media platforms Maybe you have a game people can play with their friends, a communication tool involving text or video, a place for content creation…whatever it is, you’ve hopefully created a product that incentivises your user to bring in their friends! Social media integration makes this as easy as a push of a button.

4. Easier Social Connections

Show your users that their friends are also using your app by having a built-in social feed unique to them. Let’s say you sell concert tickets. After a user has connected their Facebook account, you could show them which of their friends has also shown interest or even bought tickets to the event. If you’re a gaming application, you could show them what level their friends are on, and help some foster some healthy competition to keep them coming back. Having your mobile application connected to the names and faces of people they know helps make the app a part of their daily life.

Organic and word of mouth referrals are very exciting to marketers because people listen to their trusted sources. Why would you go and search out a restaurant when your friend mentioned a new place just the other day? This thinking is what should drive your social media integration. Why focus on just promoting your mobile application all on your own when your users can promote it for you!




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