10 Tips to Tweet Like a Pro

Twitter is the fastest growing social media platform that enables text-based messaging of up to 140 characters. Our latest blog post, 10 Tips to Tweet Like a Pro, will provide you a brief understanding on how Twitter can be used as a tool to drive success to your social media strategy.

Since its inception in 2006, Twitter has gained widespread attention and has attracted more than 500 million registered users with over 300,000 new visitors every day. (Source: www.website-monitoring.com)


1.  Create a Twitter account and ensure the biography is completely and accurately filled out. It reflects on who you are and what you do. Remember to use a suitable profile picture or logo as no one likes to connect with a Twitterer who has no profile pic.

2.  Choosing a suitable Twitter handle (username).  Make it unique, easy to remember and industry specific, and avoid using popular names or excessive numbers/symbols.

3.  Integrate other online and offline marketing material, which includes your business website, with your Twitter account.

4.  Draft a keyword rich and catchy headline as Twitter is packed with relevant keywords.  A useful, urgent and unique message is the way to go.

5.  Tweet frequently and make each one count. Always add value to your follower’s life.  It’s easy for your tweet to get lost in a follower’s homepage as Australians have the 3rd most Twitter followers!

6.  Always try to drive engagement with your audience by creating opportunities for interaction. Ask questions and post content which always triggers a response, instead of bombarding your Followers (those who Follow/connect with your Twitter profile) with sales related messages.

7.  Strategically place your link as studies show that click through rates on links posted on Twitter are higher when the link is not given at the end of the tweet.

8.  To maximize benefits to your business, identify the time at which Twitter peaks to optimize engagement levels. Also do look out for trending hash tags and make use of them by relating them to your business.

9.  As your presence on Twitter begins to grow, try to keep a track on your online influence levels on platforms such as Klout or Sprout Social.  At the same time, using a tool such as TweetAdder will help grow your follower base while Tweet Stats will let you measure your success.

10.  Twitter has its own language and getting to know them is essential. Eg:  RT – Retweet, FF – Follow Friday)

There is no rigid way on how a Twitter business account needs to be handled but these tips will sure help you get started.  Elements such as interactivity, innovation and providing promotions are common which can boost your profile in this dynamic social media platform.

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