Lets get tagging with LinkedIn’s new mention feature

LinkedIn’s latest feature sees them allow users to tag any of their connections or a company in a status update or in the comments box. This is similar to the tagging feature allowed by Facebook and Google+. When you tag a user or a company (page), an instant notification is sent to the respective person and/or company. This feature no doubt would make interaction easier and facilitate increased engagement.

Lets get tagging

Simply type in the name of the connection/company and a drop-down menu with all the matches will appear. Select the relevant one to tag it in your status. Once your status update is posted, a notification will be sent to the relevant connection(s). This will appear in their notification list.

Moreover, apart from your first degree connections, you can also mention other LinkedIn members who have engaged in a conversation in the comments section of the homepage. Have a look at the screenshot below to see how I’ve used this feature to interact with my connections.


The main idea behind the introduction of this feature is to make engagement on LinkedIn easier as well as timely with the help of instant notifications.

This feature has already taken effect in Australia and other English-speaking countries and LinkedIn expects to make it global very soon.

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    Logan another good idea form the social media guru!!!! Thank you!!!

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      Hi Ken! Thanks for checking out the article and hope you find it useful in your networking initiatives. :)