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Enhance your personal & company online reputation via our step by step online LinkedIn video training.


Online reputation is one of the hottest topics today, for professionals as well as organisations.

For those wondering what we’re on about here, it’s simple; online reputation is all about how you or your organisation is represented online. This could be via your website or social media profiles, all of which appear in search engine results. Simply ‘Google’ yourself and scan through the results. How your online profiles appear here is how they’re going to appear when a potential business contact ‘Googles’ you. Do we have your attention now?

Managing your online reputation is important today more than ever before, and solomoIT Academy is here to help you.

Try this. Key in Logan Nathan into Google and hit search!


This is the type of online reputation you want to re-create for yourself to enhance your networking opportunities and business relationships. You’ll notice how high an individual’s LinkedIn profile ranks on the search results. The same holds true for Company Pages on LinkedIn too!

SolomoIT Academy

Enter solomoIT Academy: one-stop online training resource to help you enhance your online reputation and career endeavours, and for organisations to harness the power of LinkedIn for lead generation, professional networking and online branding.

I came to realise that most business owners and company professionals manage to quickly establish a sizeable network of connections on LinkedIn. But what they weren’t aware of was the enormous potential for career progression and as an online branding tool how useful LinkedIn was. People did not have a proper understanding on how to enhance LinkedIn to favour you as an individual or a business.

Acquiring distribution rights of online LinkedIn training videos in the Asia Pacific region from Smarp has enabled solomoIT Academy to expand its reach to a wider audience of professionals, companies and job seekers. The online LinkedIn academy team comprises of LinkedIn specialists who are also HootSuite Social Media Management professionals. They are dedicated in providing the best of service to empower you with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to master LinkedIn.

SolomoIT Academy’s online LinkedIn training programmes are suited for individual users as well as organisations.

LinkedIn for Individuals


Although we are active on social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn undisputedly is the preferred network for professional connections. But we’ve seen many LinkedIn members with incomplete profiles and inactive accounts. We found accounts with absolutely no posts updated or with zero engagement levels which would only tarnish your reputation when someone does decide to search you on LinkedIn. Some even have the misconception that LinkedIn is just a tool for job-hunting. To do away with such beliefs, we’ve outlined a few of the benefits LinkedIn offers those who are looking for a career break as well as those looking to enhance their online reputation. LinkedIn can help you,

  • Network with like-minded professionals and industry leaders
  • Get exposure to potential employers
  • Get recommendations from employers and clients
  • Professional Branding for you and your company
  • Prospecting potential clients and so much more
LinkedIn for Organisations


With over 230 million professionals, imagine the potential LinkedIn holds for your organisation. You can share useful updates about your organisation, industry insights and form industry related groups to maximise on the networking opportunity that LinkedIn presents. A Company Page for your organisation on LinkedIn will help you communicate to others what you offer, job opportunities and even establishes your organisation as an industry leader. LinkedIn can help your organisation,

  • Network with stakeholders
  • Share important updates about your organisation
  • Generate sales leads
  • Establish good search rankings
  • Attract the best talent
  • Be represented positively by your employees and much more
How can solomoIT Academy Help you?


With organisations being increasingly pressurised to limit staff numbers, more senior and valued team members are taking on added responsibilities to better aid the company. Top level managers are therefore, reluctant to send their employees for training programmes as they risk productivity losses.

SolomoIT Academy tackles this problem by making effective LinkedIn training videos available online. These videos are easy to understand and implement as the licensee can learn at his/her own pace.

The online training is delivered through a dedicated platform with a secure login for easy access. There are flexible options of one, three, six and twelve month licences. The latest updates rolled out by LinkedIn are provided at no extra cost. What’s more, the Academy also offers a 48-Hour, no-questions-asked, money back guarantee completely removing the risk for the licensees which also ensures value for money.

The online training videos are set-up in such a way that it will help you from setting up your profile, all the way to utilising some of the networks advanced tools for maximum exposure and networking. Job seekers and those looking to enhance their online reputation all stand to benefit greatly from these awesome videos.

From setting up your LinkedIn profile to networking etiquette, solomoIT Academy’s online training videos have got something for everyone. And, you even get updates on all LinkedIn rollouts depending on the type of license you purchase.

What are you waiting for; Smarter online branding starts today. Swing by solomoIT Academy’s website for an in-depth view of the services provided. Do drop us a line and let us know what your biggest challenge in LinkedIn is, and we can help you out. Even better, the best suggestion will be included as part of the training videos and you may stand a chance at a wonderful surprise.

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