Australian Digital Marketing Company Launches Online LinkedIn Training Academy

SolomoIT Academy is a One-Stop Online Training Resource to Help Job seekers, Those Looking to Enhance Their Reputation and Organisations Harness the Power of LinkedIn for Social Networking and Online Branding.


SolomoIT, an Australia digital marketing company, has launched a new venture, SolomoIT Academy on 1st July 2013. SolomoIT, has acquired distribution rights of online LinkedIn training videos in the Asia Pacific region from Smarp. A leading provider of social business tools and services, Smarp has an established presence in Europe as a trusted partner for employee and corporate branding and is also an Official LinkedIn EMEA Talent Solutions Partner.

“As an organisation conducting Social Media training and in particular customised training on “Social Selling using LinkedIn” for SMEs and large Corporations in Australia and overseas, the choice of having online LinkedIn Video training to offer to the Asia Pacific market was a natural one. We are excited to be a distributor for Smarp LinkedIn Video training, which is one of a kind“ says Logan Nathan, CEO of solomoIT.

Roope Heinilä, CEO of Smarp added, “We are very excited to be working with solomoIT in delivering our training solutions to the Asia Pacific region. We are certain that this co-operation will benefit Australian and Asia Pacific businesses by allowing them access to the best online LinkedIn training on the market.”

LinkedIn has fast grown to become the go-to place for both personal and professional branding. Having an online presence is no longer optional as Google has become the tool of choice for finding information on specific people and organisations. LinkedIn allows its users to control one of the top search results for their name but does not provide training on how to leverage this for effective personal and professional branding. SolomoIT Academy was established to fill this need and help equip clients for today’s business environment.

With a membership base of over 230+ million professionals, LinkedIn is also synonymous with online business networking. It is a well known fact that traditional business networking plays an important role in establishing valuable connections, and networking events continue to be popular among the business fraternity. However LinkedIn has added a whole new dimension to the meaning of networking, by successfully migrating the concept of traditional business networking to an online platform. Time-poor business professionals now have global access to a network of peers and industry leaders on their desktops and mobile devices.

For jobseekers and employers, LinkedIn is a viable alternative to online sites such as SEEK and MyCareer, as is evident from the increasing number of job ads posted by leading multinationals and local businesses.

Logan, founder of solomoIT, realised that while most business owners and company professionals quickly established a sizeable network of connections on LinkedIn, they were barely scratching the surface of the platform’s enormous potential for career progression and as an online branding tool. Most had no idea about optimising the time they invest on LinkedIn to gain a specific outcome.

As a result, solomoIT initiated a series of workshops and training programmes to show business owners, corporations and their employees how, by adopting a strategic approach, they could use LinkedIn to achieve their individual and/or corporate goals. These could vary from generating qualified business leads to forming strategic alliances and dominating the platform for industry-specific keyword search terms.

With the increasing demand for LinkedIn training throughout the Asia Pacific region, limited resources and pressures on his own time meant our reach was restricted. This new association with Smarp enables solomoIT Academy to expand its reach to a wider audience of professionals, companies and job seekers, who can access the training online in their own time for a fraction of the investment required for expensive workshops and training programmes. With increasing pressure on businesses to limit staff numbers, valuable team members are taking on added responsibilities, considerably increasing their workload. Fewer companies are willing to risk productivity losses by sending their star performers on training programmes. A major shortcoming of workshops is that due to poor retention levels there is often no significant benefit to the business. Unless workshop attendees implement what they have learnt immediately, they tend to quickly forget what they have learnt and require a refresher course to get them up to speed.  Also with the pace at which the internet is changing, there is a risk of information redundancy, which means unless they update their knowledge, workshop attendees cannot retain their competitive edge and make the best use of LinkedIn.

SolomoIT Academy overcomes this hurdle by making it easy for licensees to understand, absorb and implement the training in bite-sized chunks. The training is delivered through an online platform with a secure log in for easy access. There are flexible options of one, three, six and twelve month licences. The latest updates rolled out by LinkedIn are provided at no extra cost. SolomoIT Academy also offers a 48 Hour, no-questions-asked, money back guarantee completely removing the risk for the licensees.

With solomoIT Academy, individuals, corporations and job seekers have the opportunity to take their online networking skill to the next level. From the right way to setting up a profile and networking etiquette to being easily found for frequently used, industry specific keywords and making the best use of LinkedIn tools, solomoIT Academy is suitable for both the novice and experienced LinkedIn user. SolomoIT Academy, has provided a much-needed service for all LinkedIn users who now have no excuses to make the best use of this invaluable online networking and branding tool.

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