LinkedIn’s ‘Showcase Pages’ – Engage Your Audience with Focused Content

LinkedIn rolled out ‘Showcase Pages’ to help businesses share content to more specific and interested audiences. In other words, you can now take your company’s online reputation to another level by targeting fans of your specific products or brands.

With this awesome new feature, LinkedIn has begun allowing companies to publish content relating to specific areas of their business, which gives users access to more focused updates about their favourite companies in their feed. Another awesome feature of this roll-out is that you can also monitor the performance of your showcase pages through LinkedIn’s analytic tools!

Check out how we at solomoIT are using Showcase Pages for our Web and Social Media Marketing Solutions.


You need to remember that Showcase Pages are not exactly like Company Pages and do not have the same features. A prominent example is that the former does not have tabs for Careers or Products & Services.

At present your company too will be allowed to operate up to 10 Showcase Pages absolutely FREE! However, LinkedIn will work with large corporations that have the necessary resources, to operate more.

With LinkedIn members being able to subscribe and follow your brand/product portfolio pages, just like your Company Page, the content you put out will need to be customised to resonate with them.

Why not give us a call on 1300 430 949? We can help fine-tune your social media marketing strategy with a tailored LinkedIn strategy that’s sure to boost your brand’s online reputation.

If you’ve already begun using Showcase Pages or require further understanding of this feature, do drop us a line in the comments section. We’d be delighted to help out!

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