5 Tips to Social Selling Success Using Facebook Likes (The Ethical Way)

According to Social Bakers Australian Facebook Statistics, celebrities like Eminem and Katy Perry rank in the Top 10 of celebrity fan pages with more than 1.6 million fans. So, let’s say you are not as big as Eminem or maybe you own a business but it’s not as big as McDonald’s: How do you increase your page LIKES? There are many “Like Exchange“sites available online, but most of these sites won’t give you genuine likes, as most of the profiles on these sites are fake accounts.

5 Tips to Social Selling Success Using Facebook Likes

So here are some tips to get genuine Facebook likes and grow your fan base. 

Is Your Facebook Page Complete/Up To Date
Is Your Facebook Page Complete/Up To Date?
First comes first, make sure you have reviewed your business page; have you listed your website link on your Facebook page? Did you add your telephone number? Make sure you have a complete and an updated Facebook page first, and then you are ready to go!!

Your Fans with a Call to Action
Your Fans with a Call to Action
Now that you got your fans attention by posting interesting content, go ahead and add a “Call to Action” to your posts. Next time you post something ask your fans to “Share”, “Like” or “Comment”. Here’s the deal with a specific “Call to Action” in a post, when you ask your fans to “Like” or “Share” they are highly likely to do it.

Post Interesting Content
Post Interesting Content
Make sure that you’re Facebook posts are share worthy. We all love graphical content than reading a long boring Facebook text post.  Graphical content are a great way to increase your post visibility. Bottom line your content should excite your target audience. More shares mean more brand visibility which would lead to more fans over time.

Engage with Hashtags and Boost Your Posts
Engage with Hashtags and Boost Your Posts
We are quite familiar with Hashtags on Twitter and Instagram, but we tend to forget all about the importance of Hashtags when it comes to boosting a post on Facebook. Hashtags are a great way of reaching your target audience who are looking for what you offer somewhere on Facebook. Adding a Hashtag in your updates could help you reach a wider audience, who otherwise may not have seen your posts since they are not a fan of your page. So go head and use Hashtags, but make sure you are using them meaningfully.

Keep it Short and Sweet
Keep it Short and Sweet
Most of us have a small attention span, kind of like a Gold fish. So make sure your content is short and sweet, preferably less than 150 characters. This way you can tell your fans all about your products and services before they wander off to look at cat videos on YouTube.

So how do you increase your Facebook page likes? Share your thoughts, tips and tricks below.

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