Digital Transformation Essentials: The Key to Managing Digital Projects for SMEs

Digitisation has become more complex for small and medium businesses. SMEs and entrepreneurs can no longer afford following their traditional ecommerce business models to get more leads. While intranets, social media, mobile, cloud and location based targeting allow businesses to easily reach their customers, rapid changes in these technologies has made satisfying their expectations more challenging than ever! This makes it imperative for businesses to recheck their approach towards digital if they want to keep pace with the competition.

The Key to Managing Digital Projects for SMEs

Having spent a significant amount of time assisting SMEs manage their digital transformation projects, what I’ll be sharing next will help businesses break free from their traditional silos and standard operating procedures by instigating change in their approach towards digital.

Planning the Digital Roadmap

Content redundancy and misalignment between activities are common problems in managing digital projects. Having a well sought out plan can simplify all the granular details as to who is responsible for what and which tasks need to be delivered when. A digital roadmap helps you see the big picture in terms of time, scope and budget. With the right planning, SMEs can determine the results they want at the end of a given digital transformation project.

Having a digital roadmap can also act as a bridge connecting various departments making sure everyone is working towards the bigger strategic goals.

Leading the Transition from the Top

SMEs new to digital transformation find it hard to overcome barriers posed by rigid corporate cultures that don’t welcome change. Hence such projects call for an overarching vision from the leaders. Leaders not only need to motivate the team to do better, but also explain why the company is going through the transformation in the first place. They need to instil a digital-first mindset throughout the organisation trickling down to every department.

A strong leadership embraces digital with open arms. Leaders encourage employees to explore new digital ideas and are not afraid of investing in innovation, be it in terms of people, processes or technology.

Keeping Communication Lines Open

Miscommunication on progress, deadlines, customer expectations and deliverables could very well doom your digital transformation project. With the communication lines open, digital projects can build on cadence allowing teams to re-plan when something goes wrong and receive quick feedback on progress made. This also provides a level of visibility into work initiated and completed by each department.

keep comunication channels open

Open communication lines also add more agility to development teams while keeping everyone on the same page.

Taking Calculated Risk

Unlike other projects that focus on minimising risk, digital transformation projects are more about discovering breakthroughs instead of focusing on marginal improvements, says Gartner – a technology research and advisory firm.

Hence for digital transformation to be successful, businesses need to focus on “discovery oriented project management.” This happens when businesses stop being afraid of taking risks and can adopt flexible ways of operating with unknown outcomes. However, while doing so, they must ensure that everyone is working towards pre-defined customer-centric goals.

Evaluating Success

Analysing metrics during open discussions can help in evaluating how far you have come in your digital transformation journey. The process identifies bottlenecks, minimises the chance of failure in the future and helps you commit towards getting better.

Each project provides new lessons that can be applied later on to improve performance, replicate ideas and increase the chances of success.

Digital transformation warrants creating a culture of change, collaboration and a shared vision in order to take the organisation to new heights of success and deliver a seamless digital experience to your customers.

evaluating success

The only wrong move when it comes to digital transformation is not to make any move at all.” – Didier Bonnett

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